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Category Cool Skool
Title Creative Children: Malaysia Innovates
Details Image Visualizer Azhar Firdaus proposes to craft a device that will greatly help police/authorities in identifying faces of criminals or runaway convicts (Or while on a trip you start missing your close ones, you can create their picture using this futuristic gizmo). This is an idea which is almost ready to become a much needed commercial product. We have requested MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), Malaysian government to help convert this idea into product and help Azhar file patent for it ( Honey bee network will also help him do that). We trust that readers will respect and protect the intellectual property of Azhar. The device is programmed to generate a perfect 3D visual image of the missing person. All one has to do is speak the characteristics of the missing person into the PDA. Once the detailed oral description is completed, the device will show a few images based on/related to the indicated facial appearance. One can easily point out the closest image displayed by the Image Visualizer. The gadget would come with an inbuilt camera/image capture attached to the PDA. Talk to Me! Another student (name not given unfortunately) wanted to make an invention which can help deaf, dumb and blind people to express what they want to say without using any signs. He wanted to make a small useful invention like a hand phone which can be improved into sophisticated equipment. Signs would appear at the screen of the device according to the stimulus set from the brain. Although it might have some functions like a hand phone, it would interpret what someone wants to say faster and would not require clicking any button like a hand phone. Just click on the on/off button. Multi Purpose Briefcase Tafiz wishes to invent something special, something that can fulfill many of our, especially the globe trekkers’ needs. He calls his invention a ‘Multi Purpose Briefcase’. As the name indicates, it is a briefcase which a person can easily carry around with him. However, the unique features of this particular briefcase are its four special buttons, each with a different use. The first button serves as a temporary shelter. When this button is pushed, it transforms the briefcase into a chamber, a tent, large enough to fit a gown up human. This tent provides a place to sleep into. The second button’s function is that of producing a two wheeler for mobility. Pushing this button, the briefcase transforms into a portable scooter. Travelers using this briefcase have no need to hire a cab or a bike! The third button’s function is to transform the briefcase into semi-transparent stuff that cannot be detected by any high technology sensor or detector. And finally, the fourth button, on being pushed, would transform the temporary form back into the briefcase! Isn’t it wonderful! Trash Divider Hairul Azim wants to develop a trash divider machine. The machine will be so designed that whenever we throw any rubbish inside it, it will detect the properties of the trash and accordingly identify it belonging to one of the five categories i.e., paper, tin, glass, plastic or organic. Once the rubbish has been recognized, the divider will send it to its appropriate compartment. Then it will be very easy for ‘rubbish picker’ to pick it up and if needed take it to the recycling unit. The organic trash thus collected can effectively be used as fertilizers. Throw all the rubbish you want and the divider will do the job and will reuse your garbage. New Age Swiss Army Knife Nuruddin Bin Abdul Aziz wants to improve Swiss army knife. His knife has a blade, a screw driver, a toothpick and many more futuristic functions too. It will have a laser like Luke Sky Walker’s light saber. When it cuts bread, the slice of the bread will be toasted immediately. There is also a metal detector that can be used at airports. Its other uses include, air freshener and teaser for stunning attackers. The knife will include a lighter and projector too. Keeping in mind the travelers’ needs, the knife also has a special telescope and music player in it. Spray to Clean Pet’s Feces Muhammad wishes to make a spray that will dissolve feces of pets. Often animal lovers hesitate to adopt a pet because they make the house dirty. Especially small pets are bothersome since they are not properly trained yet. This spray consists of some chemical, the reaction of which will cause all excreted filth to evaporate into air. Isn’t it wonderful! No need to put on mask and gloves and clean your pet’s feces yourself. Spectacular Multi-Functional Shoe Noor Murtza Abdul Latif realizes the hassle in taking different kind of shoes for performing different excursions, say while playing football or running on track or walking on normal ground. He has visualized a shoe which will be multi-functional and adapt to different terrains or road condition by making slight adjustments. Shaideen Bin Abd Hakim also wants to invent special shoes that can change into sport shoes, sandal or boot. Zulhemi Noor Hazlan too thought of shoe which can work in dry or wet conditions. He also thought about a multi-functional shirt which can be used in different conditions. Listening Cap Many times when we use helmet or cap, we find it difficult to listen to the sound of the people around or even sitting on pillion in a two wheeler. Mohammad Azlan Shah Bin Abdul Manan has visualized a cap which will have a FM tuner, memory card, hearing aid and a kind of amplifier. He also thought about an entertainment machine in which without doing exercises, you can not use the options of different kind of games or shows. Well, how will one avoid the exercises now? Better Beware: Food saver can punish too!!! Students living in boarding school are aware of the games children play with each other, and take away each others’ share of food or other things. Mohammed Harz Bin Hishammudin has thought of a new kind of food saver which will not only heat or cook the food but also take care of any one who is trying to take it in an unauthorized manner. It will need a pin code and if some one enters wrong pin code to take out some one’s else’s food kept inside, the hand catcher of the device will catch the intruder. Another arm will give him a punch. Better beware!!! (What all these ideas indicate is that we are working very hard to stifle the creativity of children. If a few hours of interaction could generate so many ideas, only a small sample of which are mentioned here, what could happen if children got an opportunity to think of new ideas every week. We should not leave these ideas just at that stage, we should also help in product development, patent protection, and then possible eventual commercialization. Once children learn to think new and that too in more socially useful direction, they would not have to be told what to be done when they occupy leadership position after few decades: Ed).
Volume No. Honey Bee, 17(3):8-9, 2006