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Category Cool Skool
Title The Young Creators: Inventions from Whitmore Primary School
Details Books that open and read themselves Connie, class V has suggested a book that opens by itself and changes the pages according to our wish, so that we don’t have to keep on turning pages. Hatice, class V has come up with the idea of a book that will read itself at the press of a button. We can also change the pages of the book likewise. Imagine the implications of such books for blind people! Mobile pencil Louis, class IV has thought about a pencil by which you can stay in touch with your friends and family. The rubber on the tip of the pencil will flash when you receive a call, and the caller’s name will be displayed on a small screen provided on the side. The pencil will require two AA batteries to operate, and will also be provided with an on/off switch. Dream machine Dreams are an inseparable part of our sleep. But would it not be great if we could dream what we wish? Arzu of class V wishes to “make” dreams. She wants to build a machine that can make you dream what you wish. It is a metal hat called the “Mind Taker” and needs to be worn before sleeping. A microphone inbuilt in the hat will enable a person to convey his dream to the machine, and the dream can be seen when a button is pressed. (A similar device called “Nova Dreamer” gives you a cue by flashing lights or sounds to help you recognize that you are dreaming) http://www.wired.com/gadgets/miscellaneous/news/2004/01/62004 Intelligent television Berivan, class II thinks of inventing a television that would switch on and off at the clap of hands. Such a TV will prove extremely useful for the old and the disabled. (Such types of electric switches are available in the market, which turn on and off with the sound of clap. Such a switch when used with a Television can provide the same result) http://www.maplin.co.uk/ module.aspx?TabID=1&criteria= usb&ModuleNo=31920&doy= search&C=SO&U=Strat15 Multipurpose stand Brandon, class V wants an innovative circular stand that will store all the equipments he would require like rubber, pencil and ruler, and also look attractive. It will also have a dictionary for reference, and a microphone which will facilitate his communication with his friends. Alarm bed Do you have problems in waking up early, and going to school early? Kyle, class V has a solution for your problems. He thinks of inventing a bed, which will have an alarm system installed in it to ensure you wake up on time! (Also see HB 11(4) & 12(1): 11-12; 2000-2001 for an interesting wake up alarm system designed by Mr Abdul Khadar Nadakattin of Karnataka) Multipurpose remote Toshi, class V thinks about a remote that can perform a lot of functions like opening and closing of windows and doors, and operating all electrical devices. Such a remote will be very helpful for old people who have difficulty in getting up. (A remote control door operating device is in practice-US Patent 5930954 - http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5930954-claims.html, besides remote control for televisions and other electrical devices, but inclusion of all operations in one device is a novel idea) The world of robots Tiah, class II wants to make a robot teacher, so that if the teacher is unwell, the robot can teach the students. Yoel, Archie, Danny and Ishmael of class II , Aaliyah of class III, Shaquille, Reece, Aaron and Berkay of class IV, Amy, Volkan and Astride of class V want to invent robots that will help people in their daily work, like doing homework, cleaning rooms, helping in cooking etc. (A humanoid robot has been designed by HONDA) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASIMO Bicycle car Automobiles are recognized to be the greatest source of air pollution. Gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc., emanating from vehicles contribute a great deal to global warming. Jeneba, class V has a solution for this problem. She plans to construct a bicycle car, i.e. a car with a bicycle installed in it. You pedal it and ride with your family without causing harm to the nature. (A concept similar to that of a bicycle car, called Velomobiles is already in place. http://bicycleuniverse.info/eqp) Car on water Cars till now run only on roads. Ife, class IV has come up with an innovative idea of a convertible car, which would take the form of a boat when required. A sail will be provided to steer it in a particular direction. The car will be made of metal, with the sail of plastic. (There is enough mention of a car running on water http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/americas/02/04/cuba.car.ap/, but Ife has also thought of a sail to steer the car, which provides novelty to his idea) also see http://www.nif.org.in/ambi_car for a car that floats in water designed by Vinod Wang Hongjun has made a similar car in China, , english.peopledaily.com.cn /200205/28 eng20020528_96639. shtm www.sristi.org/cms/asian_ innovation_awards.pdf Water driver Thomas of class II has an idea of the ever increasing vehicular pollution, and the implications it has on our natural resource base. Water driver is the name of the futuristic car that he wants to design. It is not just another car, the water driver will be fuelled with water. It will be advantageous not only to the users, for they will not have to take the trouble of going to the refilling stations, but it also offers an ingenious use of water. (The use of water to fuel vehicles has been demonstrated at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel) http://www.newscientisttech.com/channel/tech/mg19125621.200-a-fuel-tank-full-of-water.html Also see http://www.waterpoweredcarplans.com/ Driverless car Imagine a car driven by a computer! Connor, class II has thought of this innovative vehicle that can be driven with the commands given to it by a computer in the absence of a driver. The route will have to be fixed prior to the travel, and the instructions fed in the computer. (Such type of driverless car is being invented and in experimental stages… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driverless_car) Vehicles for air Ozlem, class II has an idea about a car that can fly. Such cars can reduce the traffic on roads and will make commutation faster. It is being said by futurists that in the next 100 years, our sky will be crowded by such flying cars. (Such cars are being worked upon by engineers and scientists.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_car) Sebastian, class II talks about a bus that can fly. Such a bus can run on roads as well as fly when needed. Dami of class III has thought of a bike that will have convertible wings. When you need to fly, a button is to be pressed for the wings to open and the bike is ready to take off. Shoes that walk on water What if we could walk on the rivers? Ephraim of class III wants to develop shoes that can walk on water. Such shoes will make help us cross lakes and rivers easily. A similar invention has been made by Rosen of Massachusetts. http://www.primidi.com/2004/08/02.html) Also see HB 17(4) & 18(1): 8-16, 2006 & 2007for water skates byMr Dwarka Prasad Chaurasia
Volume No. Honey Bee, 18(2):9-11, 2006