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Category IGNITE 2010
Title Children care for all : Animals, old age and diseased
Details The following ideas, although not awarded, were appreciated for their creativity and originality. Solar Operated Water Sprayer for Cowshed Chandrasekhar Sahoo Class IX,Nayagarh, Orissa He ideates about a device fitted in the cowsheds, which can sense the rise in ambient temperature. When the temperature would cross 40 degree C, a mist sprayer connected to the over head tank of the cowshed would get automatically switched on. It will then spray mist over the cowshed or over the poultry pane providing relief to the cow or poultry from the scorching heat. Earlier, Supriya Chotrey of Orissa was awarded in NIF’s Fourth National Biennial Competition for similar innovation of using an umbrella with a sprayer (Also see Honey Bee 17(4) & 18(1): 13) Health status measuring stick for old sick people Shubham Khatri Class X, New Delhi Shubham has thought about a stick for the old aged people suffering from ailments such as diabetes, asthma, heart diseases etc. He says that the handle of the stick would have a sensor, which will be able to measure their blood sugar level, pulse rate, temperature etc. If the readings of the parameters go beyond their respective normal ranges, the sensor would give a sound alert. The stick may be hollow from inside with provisions to keep medicines in separate tiny drawers for different ailments. Pen that beeps at the wrong spelling Chitra Class VII, Hazaribag, Jharkhand & Himala Joshi, Std. XII, Haldwani Uttarakhand Both the girls have conceived an idea to have a pen with an inbuilt memory, where spellings are saved. The pen would be able to identify the hand movement and understand the spelling being written. It would then give a beep if a wrong spelling is being written. Pen with magnifying glass Joseph Sabu, Hyung Jun, Digjay Rawat Class VI, New Delhi Identifying the need of old aged people with very low near vision and who have to use thick spectacles or magnifying glasses to write, the children have come up with an interesting idea. They have thought about a pen that has a small magnifying glass attached to it that would help them to write. Heart Attack Detection System R Vignesh Class IX, Chennai, TN Many people suffering cardiac arrest have been reported to die before adequate medical support has been provided to them. Vignesh has been working to develop a vest with integrated medical detectors like mini ecg, respirometer, bp sensor. Any major fluctuation in the real time data can be send through a GSM sim card to the monitoring doctor or hospital. He has set up a kind of virtual company, see http://inventinnovateinc.weebly. com/ and aspires to take his idea forward.
Volume No. Honey Bee, 21 (3), 19, 2010