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Category Empathetic Learning
Title Workshop on Children Creativity and Innovation
Abstract Puraikakalan Velankattupatty from Kulithalai Taluka, Trichy follows the following veterinary practices:
Details 27301 Healing woundsTo heal any wound, take a handful) of Odaithalai (Phyla nodiflora), grind it well and apply over the wound for three days.The antimicrobial activity of the stem and leaves extracts of Phyla nodiflora has been reported against pathogenic bacteria like gram positive (Staphylococcus aureus and Micrococcus luteus) and gram negative (Proteus micrococcus luteus and Shigellaboydii) (Ravikumar et al., (2011). International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistry, 1(2), 2781-ISSN: 2231). 27302 Infertility in cattleTo cure cattle of infertility, first a tuber of sembirandai (Cissus vitiginea) is taken and cleaned. Upon removing dust and soil, it is administered orally. At the same time, soda (100 g) and half a litre of water is to be mixed and administered orally for two days. The leaves of minnotty and pinnoty are to be given as food twice a day.The methanol extracts of the Cissus vitiginea leaves exhibited the higher zone of inhibition against bacterial strains than fungal strains. (Subramani, V., Kamaraj, M., Ramachandran, B., &Jeyakumar, J. J., (2014). International Journal of Phytopharmacy, 4(3), 96-98). 27303 Swelling in cattleThe leaves of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), about a handful), and carom seeds (Trachyspermum ammi)are ground well and made into a paste. This paste is boiled well and applied over the swollen region.Ashwagandha and castor oil mixture have been reported to cure swelling http://herbpathy.com/Uses-and-Benefits-of-Withania-Somnifera-Cid1159. Withania somnifera found with anti-inflammatory property (Rasool, M., & Varalakshmi, P. (2006). Vascular pharmacology, 44(6), 406-410).Carom seed is reported to cure swelling (http://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/carom-seeds-ajwain-a-natural-remedy-to-relieve-arthritic-pain/ Web-Site viewed on 6/6/2016).27304 Alternative method for curing swellingTo heal swelling, tirukkalli (Euphorbia tirucalli L.) (without spine) is mixed with carom seeds and ground well. About 50 ml of neem is then added. The mixture is then to be boiled and applied over the swollen region for two days.Pounded stem of Euphorbia tirucalli boiled and applied over swelling has been ethanobotanically reported. (Bani, S., Kaul, A., Khan, B., Gupta, V. K., Satti, N. K., Suri, K. A., & Qazi, G. N. , (2007). Journal of ethnopharmacology, 110 (1), 92-98).Trachyspermum ammi shows anti-inflammatory property (Bairwa, R., Sodha, R. S., & Rajawat, B. S., (2012). Trachyspermumammi. Pharmacognosy reviews, 6(11), 56. Scout: D Jenifer & D Gajapriya, IV BSc. Agri, AC& RI MaduraiSRISTI- UNICEF workshop for innovative and creative children was held in summer wherein underprivileged children across Gujarat participated sought solutions through their creative ideas focusing on three major problems of cactus fruit plucking, Mahua nut cracking & seed dribbler. Children were given an exposure to different solutions to real-life problems, tried by innovators, and were encouraged to imbibe empathetic values in developing innovative ideas to solve basic problems faced by people. The overall objective of the programme was to develop an operational framework for empowering children to not only articulate their problems but to also find solutions, both individually and collectively.The workshop aimed at tapping the dormant creative potential of children who probably did not have the courage to articulate their ideas. Held over two and a half days, the first day involved brainstorming regarding the workshop like what are they expected to do and how to do it. On the second day of the workshop, the children went for the field visit and on the third day children worked in groups, sketching various problems identified and their proposed solutions to them. These children came up with several useful solutions which were taken forward by the participants of summer school. The inverted model of innovation implies that children ideate/innovate, and fabricators design and companies/agencies diffuse commercially or socially. Involvement of children in solving their challenges will help us understand micro and macro strategies which can mobilise the creative potential of children around the world. This may help in overcoming persistent social inertia in developing countries.
Volume No. Honey Bee 27(3) 13, 2016