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Category CHIN XXI
Title Power generating pumping machine
Details Hu Zhijian was employed in the heavy machinery industry. During the actual process of production, the water-pumping equipments operate either by the use of electricity or are diesel-based. Hu realized that this was causing a lot of energy wastage and was not conducive to the environment either. In 1988 he began working on devising an electricity generating pumping machine. After many trials and improvisations, he succeeded in designing such a machine and was granted the national patent for the same in 2008. The utility model is powered by flowing water, which causes the rotary motion of the drum and the speed is controlled through a speed gear box. The rotating motion/movement of the drum generates electricity which in turn is used to pump water. The water then flows back into the river through a return pressure system. This mechanism could easily replace the diesel engines or the conventional power generators. In addition to conserving the precious natural resources, this promising mechanism is also efficient and requires a very small investment. Energy efficient Floor Heater in Agricultural and Pastoral AreasPeisheng Gao (Alxa, Inner Mongolia province) Due to the non-availability of a proper transportation system in the deep rural interiors, the herdsmen had to travel to Jitailan town, which is more than 100 miles away from Gacha, to purchase coal for the freezing winters. A truckload of coal costs them several thousand Yuan. Concerned about the transportation and the cost of procuring coal, Peishen Gao devised an energy efficient and environment-friendly floor heater, which was fuelled by dung of sheep and cattle. Since 2004, he had been experimenting with the heater by using sheep dung which is easily available in the rural areas. He lays the sheep and cattle dung on the lines of the heatable brick bed. After experimenting and conducting trials for three consecutive winters, he succeeded in 2007. This new heater is based on the principles of heatable red brick bed, which adopts floor heat. It uses the dung of sheep and cattle, corn stalks and household waste as fuel. As per the records of the Azuoqi Technology Bureau which conducted official tests, when the outside temperature was sub-zero at nearly -20 degrees, the indoor temperature in Gao’s house was be 22 degrees Celsius, which is impossible to achieve even by burning 2-3 tons of coal or by spending more than 2000 Yuan. The heater also reduces the pollution caused due to the burning of coal. It decreases the dependence on traditional heating materials like coal and also helps in conserving the precious natural resources, thereby protecting vegetation and land from turning into wasteland. It also helps the villagers save some money and also improves the quality of life, in addition to saving time and labour. This innovation has been recognised by the government and has also been promoted in Sumu Town. Machine to select sunflower seedsWei Lei (Pizhou Jiangsu Provence)Wei Lei designed a machine that separates the seeds of sunflower from waste such as stones, chaff, etc.Scout: Yang Peipei Innovation on spray to increase the throw of sprayWang Bao hua, Gui zi kou, Xiaochan Jin, (Jinnan,District: Tianjin)To prevent the harmful effect of pesticide toward people, Wang bao hua a farmer thought of an innovation which can spray pesticide 5 metres away by adding an extra gear mechanism used inside the tractor to increase the throw of spray (Increased pumping pressure). A Grain HarrowChen Xian Chang, (Chux iong hua nan, Yun Nan Province)With a traditional harrow, board, a pair of wheels and sheet iron, a student invented a grain harrow to reduce peasants’ labour. The characteristics are: The pair of wheels makes it move faster so it becomes more convenient when collecting grain. Moreover, one side of baffle is made like dentition so it helps to spread grain equably. Then added arc baffles on each side of the harrow to prevent grain from leaking.Source: http://kid.sina.com.cn 2006-09An Innovative ReaperLiang Zhong Rao, (Village: Ge Wu, City: Xin Chang, Zhejiang Province)It took Liang, a 57 years old farmer, 30 years to have this innovation. Around 1970’s, he saw a harvester made in Russia, that machine was very big. Liang thought that it would be good if the machine was smaller it could thresh first and then cut down paddy stems. His new machine has these two features.Patent source: 2003-06 http://www.zjagri.gov.cn/html/main/informationView/200601256646.html
Volume No. Honey Bee 27(4) 17-18, 2016

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