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Title Compassionate Vision
Details Compassionate VisionSanaz Badpa, Iran, www.sanazb14@gmail.comHello I am Sanaz Badpa from Iran. I’m high school student.I have project idea about a medical device. I want to know that you can help manufacture my project idea? How can I apply for it? Could you support me?I am extremely happy to get your mail and read about your very comprehensive visualization of the idea. Actually, you don’t need a special device but an App which will scan the name of the medicine and search all the information that have proposed for elderly, blind and other categories of patients.I am really intrigued by the breadth of your vision and its sensitivity to different needs of dosage, self regulation, side effects, contra-indication natural sources if any chemist shop where available, map peer feedback or discussion forum for sharing any special information about drug effect or side defects. Guidance for students (this can be a separate app) where patients can input their feedback also. We will send you a copy of 25th year special issue of Honey Bee newsletter. Bless you and stay in touch.- EdTowards Social GoodSrinibas, ahmedabadventure@gmail.comOver the past few months I am thinking of a plan to invest/sponsor upto 15-20 lakhs in social sector innovations in a year’s time. In last 15 years, I have been contributing to different causes as per my best ability at that time. This time I am trying that with the money and time I can devote - it should have a significant impact. In last few years I have attended many start-up seminars, met social entrepreneurs and involved in mentorship. We don’t get great ideas frequently. As I have time to spare now, I want to explore and try to be a part of something impactful.Nice to hear about your positive ideas. My suggestion is to invest in may be a wall magazine for schools on innovations. Process rather than product might be a possibility of a larger social impact– EdSchool for Gifted ChildrenMonica Gheorghiu, pr@giftededu.roI read your comment on the page of Xprize.org and was very inspired by your reply. In fact, I think I understand the essence of what you wrote. Looks like the same always: we don’t go to the essence of things, and we just skim through things for immediate pleasure and satisfaction. Even when using a term.I happen to work with gifted kids. It’s nonsense to say that I have the only solution. But we have built something and I would like to know your opinion, which I sincerely respect from the start. We are not looking for a scratch solution, we are looking for a thinking to make it stand and expand this model into the world. I saw the other day the life of Ramanujan. I was so affected by the fact he died of tuberculosis when he was only 33 years old. Perhaps this is why we need to go to the basics and care more for people and give help when they need it. And not just commemorate them with much pomp - they don’t need that. We need to communicate more on our needs as humans and build a social network on humanism!We wrote on ideaconnection.com hoping for some enlightenment. Right now, we are looking for the right people to support this unique gifted school. Many thanks for your time, I appreciate it sincerely.We are happy to hear about your school for gifted children in Romania. I think you have started the right way by not waiting for funds to take next step. While it is good to set up special school, gifted children may have to be supported wherever they are. We cannot always take them away from their filial and social context particularly when they are born in relatively poor background. So think of focusing your energy on getting sponsors for specific children which may connect donor with a child and thus sponsor can mentor gifted children. Further, can we not have a non-monetary model if distributed mentoring by brilliant scientists, artists, musicians etc., All the best and keep it up! Greetings from the Honey Bee Network. –EdGift of Time & TechnologyGregor Medinger, GM@rumhill.comBefore you spend too much time on developing a phone for you father allow me to share my own experience with you. After my father died in 1995 I thought it would be time for my mother (then 86 years old and living in Vienna, Austria) to have a cell phone. I confused the young sales people in the phone store asking for the phone with the biggest buttons and then spend hours with the phone company reprogramming the phone to eliminate most of its complicated functions - in explaining that older people might become an important market they proved to be extraordinarily helpful. I wouldn’t try this today.A few weeks later she called me in New York where I live and told me that her (sixtyish?) girlfriends had much more modern phones with many more functions - I was gently chided for having bought what she thought was the cheapest phone on the market.At 95 she entered a retirement home (where she lived for over 7 years) and eventually I bought a Mac with a big screen for the home to set up in a small room to be used by my mother and others with far away relatives for skype calls. The first few calls went well enough but next time I was in Vienna my mother said Òit is better if you comeÓ. Time is the best gift one can give to one’s parents.I could not agree more with you about the need for visiting parents; my father (now 89) & mother (82) are healthy and are able to walk around. The problem arose when he wouldn’t use cell phone no matter what and landlines are unpredictable. The purpose was to have one button or three button phone so that he just lets us know that he needs us. Being hard of hearing, such phones must have higher auto volume too. Tell us more about your interest in innovations, may be some if our publications are of interest to you.Hope your mother is well, prayers for her long life. Thanks for writing to us! -Ed
Volume No. Honey Bee 27(4) 22, 2016

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