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Category IGNITE 2016 AWARDS
Title Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE 2016 Awards
Abstract Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards are a celebration of the investment that our former President made in unleashing the aspirations of young children of our country. We need a lot of mentors who will guide and handhold each of the IGNITE winners as well as grassroots innovators, who are supported by the institutions like the Honey Bee Network, NIF, SRISTI and GIAN besides others. Majority of children and other young innovators are likely to lead India into the 21st century with a new self-confidence and sense of solidarity with disadvantaged sections of our society. Their spirit of conservation of nature will help in bequeathing a safer, happier, greener and more compassionate world for future generations.This year, 31 students of 25 districts, from 16 states and Union Territories, are being recognised for 28 ideas. With awardees from Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and numerous other interior areas, we are celebrating the diversity and solidarity of the nation.
Details Emergency indicator in two-wheelersGayatri S, Standard IV, Navy Children School,Naval Base, Kochi, Kerala Pranav S, Standard X, Navy Children School, Naval Base, Kochi, KeralaThe siblings, Pranav and Gayatri, had often heard stories of road accidents involving two-wheelers. Their mother would worry every time they had to travel by a two-wheeler with their father. In many cases of such mishaps, the two-wheeler rider is knocked down and run over by other passing vehicles. They observed that the major cause for such accidents is the fact that approaching vehicles are unaware of the mishap that has already occurred. This could be due to speed, bad weather or lack of adequate light. The duo have come up with the idea of installing a system with an emergency light or siren on the two-wheeler. It would get activated upon accident and alert approaching vehicles about the same. The system can be connected to impact sensors which will activate the hazard lights even if the engine shuts down, thus preventing the accident.Tiffin box that reminds one to wash handsSheereenShaikh, Standard VII, SDMC Primary School, Nizamuddin West, DelhiMany times, children forget to wash their hands before and after eating food. It obviously affects their personal hygiene and causes possible health hazards. Sheereen’s idea is to have Òwash hands before lunchÓ printed on the cover of the lunch box. Similarly, on the inside cover, Òwash your hands after eating your foodÓ could be printed. Maybe, it could be made mandatory for manufacturers to print this in lunch boxes. Monitoring device to stop mishaps in vehiclesArijita B Patra, Standard VI, Baji Rout Chhatrabas Ashram School, Angul, OdishaThe Nirbhayagangrape incident, reported in December of 2012, deeply bothered Arijita. It led her to think of a device that could be fitted inside a vehicle to detect any sort of mishap. It would alert anyone within a range of one kilometre that inmate of the vehicle, say a woman, is in danger. Hopefully, nearby people, commuters and/or police may come to rescue the person, thus preventing any untoward incident. Real-time data transmission system in electronic voting machines (EVMs)RoshanSodi, Standard VI, ShaskiyaBalakAwasiyaVidyalaya, Sukma, ChhattisgarhRoshan overheard his teachers discussing how voting numbers in many areas are rigged. He thought of a button in the EVMs which can transmit the total number of votes directly to the cloud server as the voting proceeds and also to district Election Commission office, if required, at regular intervals. A software can be developed for this which will prevent any untoward happening during/after voting. The rate of voting will be recorded per minute and any suspicious activity will alert the monitoring agencies. Omni-directional air coolerMuskanJawalkar, Standard VII, GovtGyanodaya Residential School, Hoshangabad Madhya PradeshMuskan’s idea is to make an alternative cooler with throws cool air in all directions. Her biggest inspiration is Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and she aspires to become an IAS officer. Septic tank level and pressure indicatorInduManikpuri, Standard VII, AasthaVidyaMandir English Medium School, Dantewada, ChhattisgarhPeople in rural areas construct lavatories but overflowing of the septic tank often results in pollution of nearby areas. Indu’s idea of a septic tank pressure record aims to warn of the impending problem well in time so that the tank can be drained before it is too late.Manual hand lever-based Tapioca plant uprooter/diggerS Vanchinathan, Standard VII, SwamyVikenandha Matric Higher Secondary School, Tirupur, Tamil NaduTapioca farming is common in India. Vanchinathan has thought of designing a device with an easy hand lever-based digger. It will not only reduce the burden of uprooting tapioca but will also save time. He wishes to promote this idea to improve agricultural practices and reduce drudgery.Container cleanliness indicatorMaidari Devi, Standard IX, Government Girls High School, Rajamahendraveram, Andhra PradeshOften, the utensils lying on shelves for long hours need to be washed again before using. Also, sometimes there are residues of soap on them. Maidari thought of a machine that predicts cleanliness of utensils. Maidari believes that everyone should share their ideas for the betterment of society. Her biggest inspiration is Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Pedal-operated vegetable-cutting machineDhanurjayaDehury, Standard VIII, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar, OdishaDhanurjaya replaced the needle of the tailoring machine with a knife or a cutter which drastically reduced time required for chopping vegetables. This improvement can be used where a large amount of food is prepared on a daily basis (for example in a joint family, canteen, temples or marriages, etc.). This machine would be cost-effective and help minimise drudgery.Machine to dig out sweet potatoSebatiKutruka, Standard VIII, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar, OdishaThe difficulties faced by her father and other farmers in the village disturbed Sebati and she came up with the idea of a digger, operated by spring mechanism with a rod, so that using lever mechanism, sweet potatoes can be dug easily.She wants to improvise the machine for other vegetables, such as yam. System to protect turtle eggsSumitBiswas, Standard XI, Govt Senior Secondary School, Diglipur, Andaman and Nicobar IslandsEvery year, in the coastal regions of India, different species of sea turtles lay eggs. Most of these are preyed upon by animals such as dogs or snakes and even humans. This has resulted in an alarming decrease in the population of turtles. Sumit’s idea is to insert a buzzer or light-indicating sensors into the breeding pits. These sensors will be connected to the regional forest department and will alert them in case of any disturbance. The buzzer or sensor can be solar-powered which is in abundance in the coastal area.Proximity alert system in non-transparent doorsSayanSain, Standard IX, Pailan World School, Kolkata, West BengalSayan once accidentally hit his father, who was standing on the other side. Fortunately the injury was not severe but after the incident, he started thinking about how such incidents can be prevented in future. He though of an alarm/sensing system that can sense any physical presence on the other side of the door and give indication to the person opening the door. Safety device for doors, specially in automobilesMunniKumari, Standard VII, Rajkiya Madhya VidyalayaDhibra, Patna, BiharDevUmang Desai, Standard IXWisdom High International School, Nashik, MaharashtraÒMy fingers would frequently get trapped between the door and the frame, which always hurt. I realised that this could be risky for my younger siblings as well,Ó says Munni. An idea surged in her mind, which was to develop a safety device which prevents such mishaps. One solution could be making doors with rubber frames. Dev also faced a similar problem and thought of developing a sensor, to be attached on the car door, which would prevent the door from closing if there is any obstruction.Eco kite: Dispersing seeds randomlyManodnya S Vaidya, Standard X, Sandipani School, Hazaripahad, Nagpur, MaharashtraManodnya talks about the kite-flying tradition during the MakarSankranti and points out that the thread (manjaa) used for flying kites is razor sharp and poses dangers to birds and two-wheeler riders. She thought of an alternative kite which can be attached to a harmless cotton thread and also act as a carriage of seeds. The design is simple. Two or more straws filled with seeds are fixed near the vertical axis of the kite. The mouth of straws should be closed with paper knobs, which will automatically release due to heavy high-altitude air flow. The kite, soaring high in the sky, would help in dispersal of seeds in inaccessible areas. Manodnya has created a tiger crossword too, used for educational awareness about the national animal of India. Utility stick for Parkinson’s patientsParthBansal, Standard IX, Apeejay School, Noida, Uttar PradeshParth was deeply saddened when he learnt about his grandmother’s illness (Parkinson’s disease). ParkinsonÍs patients face difficulty in taking first steps straight, but can use stairs and cross obstacles easily. Parth conceived an idea to project a laser light from a walking stick, in front of patients on the ground, which will appear like an obstacle. He believed that patients may be able to take their first steps this way. Home-made cockroach-icide gelJahnviRuparelia, Standard IX, Gyan Ganga Education Society, Rajkot, GujaratTo control multiplication of cockroaches, Jahnvi has prepared a home-made low-cost paste. This paste attracts cockroaches and can kill a whole colony of the pest. She plans to take her idea to production level where the formulation will be made available in the market at an affordable cost.Water supply line with flow feedback systemAdyasha Dash, Standard XI, Demonstration Multipurpose School, Bhubaneswar, OdishaSagar Kumar, Standard VII, Shri Chandra Madhya, Vidyalaya, Patna, BiharSagar wants to prevent wastage of water by developing a water supply system design that will stop leakage. The system proposed by him would be fixed in houses and offices, and will have a siren that will indicate any leakage from the pipes. One day, a water tap broke in Adyasha’s house, resulting in wastage of water for hours. Being aware of the scarcity of natural resources, she was deeply concerned and started thinking of ways to improve the water flow system, which can regulate and control the flow if the tap breaks or gets damaged. Television with programmable alarm systemHimanshuRateria, Standard XI, KIIT International School, Bhubaneswar, OrissaHimanshu’s grandparents often forgot to take their medicines. He observed that grandparents are very fond of TV shows and serials. So, he thought of a system in the television that could give reminders to its viewers. The reminder would pop up multiple times on the screen, blocking the faces of the TV actors thus irritating the viewer. This will help the viewer in timely consumption of medicines.Fuel wastage alert system in vehiclesPriyanka Panda, Standard XI, DAV Public School, Bhubaneswar, OdishaMost of the times, people do not care to turn off their car’s engine while at red light or during short halts. This releases harmful pollutants in the air and wastes fuel. So, Priyanka thought of ways in which this could be prevented. She suggests that whenever a vehicle’s engine is idling, a message/alert should be displayed next to the odometer. The space near the odometer could be used to set up a digital screen which would display a warning message and trigger the rider’s conscience. The messages could be: ÒYou have spoilt two years of a child’s lifeÓ or the likes. The number of years may be calculated by estimating the amount of pollutants released during that interval of time. Shoes with seed drill for farmersSubhraSuchismita Patel, Standard XI, KIIT International School, Bhubaneswar, OdishaShubhra’s idea is to have shoes with drills fitted into them so that farmers can simply walk and dig holes in the field simultaneously. The shoes may also contain seed compartments so that they can be easily sown. The rear part of the shoes may have brushes to cover up the holes in which seeds have been sown. Adjustable wheelchair and walkerJoseph John, Standard XI, St Berchman’s HSS Changanacherry, Kottayam, KeralaJoseph has thought of a special wheelchair with a motor which can adjust its height. The features of the chair could help in aligning it with the seat of the car. The tiny wheels under the seat will make it almost a trolley, thus making movement less stressful. Namda rolling machineZufaIqbal, Standard XII, Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School, Srinagar, Jammu and KashmirSince the introduction of manual technique of namda (woolen carpet) making, there has not been any technological intervention in this regard. The namda rolling machine is the first of its kind for automating the process of namda production. This machine takes almost seven to eight minutes to make a simplenamda. The washing and designing process is also finished within 15-20 minutes. Zufa plans to refine her innovation and commercialise it as a cost- and time-efficient machine.Automatic light intensity-adjusting system for studyGulshan Kumar, Standard XII, Hanuman Intermediate College, Kushinagar, Uttar PradeshGulshan noticed that majority of students wear spectacles nowadays and realised that one reason behind this could be that students are unable to judge the requisite intensity of light needed to study. To rectify this, he thought of an idea where a useful device can be innovated which can assess the surrounding quality of the light. This device can alert students if the intensity of light is inappropriate for studying, thus maintaining the health of the eyes.Automatic blanket covering mechanismGovindKailash Sharma, Standard XII, GramshalaGrambharti, Amrapur, Gandhinagar, GujaratOne morning during the winter season, Govind’s blanket slipped and fell off the bed. This left him cold and he realised that this happened very often. He was struck by an idea to develop a bed with a mechanism that covers the person with blanket automatically. He suggests that there be a temperature-controlled device which will activate this mechanism. This idea will prove to be useful for the aged, differently-abled and the patients. Paan delivery and processing machineLahar Jyoti Das, Standard XII, Transition Academy, Dadara, Kamrup, AssamLahar Jyoti’s father, Bhabes, runs a paanshop. Every day after work, his father would complain about fatigue from continuously serving customers. Bothered by his pain, Lahar started thinking about ways to help him. His machine can deliver seven sweet paansin about four to five seconds. The processing system prepares the mixture within 10 seconds, after which the paan is folded manually and automatically served to the customer through the delivery system. Secured currency notesMadhur Gupta, Standard XII, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh, PunjabConcerned by the fact that people mostly do not take bills while purchasing items, which helps the shopkeepr save tax, Madhur wondered if it was possible to print a simple QR code on the currency note, similar to courier companies. By printing a unique QR code on every high-valued currency note, one can easily track records of transactions.Whenever any note is legally transferred to someone, the QR code is scanned and the information is uploaded on a secured cloud-based server. In case of a burglary or bribe, the notes will be blacklisted through the server and whenever the culprit spends them, an alert message will be displayed on the screen. This will also enable the income-tax department to track records and easily discover defaulters, may be a bit like bitcoin, with QR code. This will prevent malice like robbery, kidnapping, corruption and illegal printing of money.Cross-platform mobile app for encouraging tour in North-east IndiaBilashDutta, Standard XII, Saint Capitanio School, Cachar, AssamBilash has thought of a cross-platform, mobile app-based game (running on Android, Windows and iOS), designed in a manner that would tempt the players to visit the region. The game will engage players in a mission set in the background of North-east India, or can be a simple mind game in which the players get information about the region at regular intervals. Also, there needs to be a mechanism (by either using Facebook or Google Plus) in the game which can help various stakeholders (tourists, travel agencies, tourist guides) come together and interact with one another that everyone is benefitted. Device for data management to enhance cellular efficiency in rural areasSayanChaudhary, Standard XII, Delhi Public School, Rohini, DelhiThe idea struck Sayan when he was designing a human settlement in space which needed internet. While planning, he realised that it may not be possible to download information from earth every time in space, which made him develop a caching mechanism. This mechanism may also be used for rural areas, where a reliable cellular connection is not present. So, each village can have an active cache which can store pages that are required from the internet. If someone has to access something new, s/he submits a request to the local server. Once the server is upgraded after taking it to the city, the information is updated and made available to the users. Moreover, when users go to the city, their phones get some information that is fed into the server. So, everyone feeds information into the server and downloads each others information. Until proper internet connectivity reaches villages, this could make the World Wide Web with a sort of lag more accessible to the poor. Essentially, everyone can contribute to a local internet by detached uploading and downloading. So, even without a cellular connection, people will be able to get information. This makes the internet more accessible since the satellite is not being used every time. This cheap, effective and detached method is foolproof and can bring an information revolution in many villages across the country.
Volume No. Honey Bee 27(4) 9-16, 2017

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