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Details A staircase for creative persistent souls When wheels of the time turn, some people are propelled into orbits they desire, some are left where they were and some fall into the abyss of nothingness. But it is not just a matter of luck. Struggles matter. Strife is not always in vain. The selection of opportunities we respond to, and build upon isn't just a random choice. A young innovator was a very creative person, had hundreds of ideas, and made a few useful prototypes. In some cases, he fabricated things that worked well in market though original idea was not his. But after a while, his expectations increased, diligence decreased and he was not making progress. He expected investors and companies to make a queue outside his home with attractive offers. But that of course doesn't happen often. A mentor personally hired engineers to set up a company around his ideas so that he could focus on design and fabrication. He threw away all opportunities. Nothing could be done. Depressed, he returned to his home desolate and angry at the world. The Honey Bee Network failed. In many other cases likewise the Network failed. In a few cases, it enabled creative grassroots innovators, children and young students to showcase their work at the residence of the President of India. They became a part of the Festival of Innovation. But then did these innovators help other less privileged innovators? In some cases yes, in most cases no. Why did their spirits not soar, and rise to embrace a tall tree whose shade would have saved many more from the scorching heat of the summer sun. This is a paradox. When we benefit, we are lucky. When we lose, the system is oppressive, and we blame the whole world. When you win, it is you, when you lose, it is them. No, it is not always so clear. There are many shades of reality in between. We are trying to evolve a new inclusive, caring and sharing society. One that make us all obliged to extend a helping hand to those less privileged, less 'lucky' and more reticent. Hopefully, all those whom the Network helped in achieving personal glory, will help other less privileged but may be, more creative. That's how, the Honey Bee Network will grow, not only in numbers but rather in its influence on humanizing our personal and social quests.
Volume No. Honey Bee 28(1) 2, 2017