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Details Transition towards sustainability PiyushUpadhyay pigene44@gmail.com We are dealing in bio fertilizers and bio pesticides; Our mission is to make farming free from chemical fertilizers. Give us a chance to connect with you to promote organic farming in India, price does not matter. The SRISTIand NIF have thousands of practices for non-chemical agriculture, and entrepreneurs like you are needed to take these to market and share the benefits with knowledge providers. –Ed. Multi-purpose wood shaping machine John Toppo pokei18121969@gmail.com I am a self-employed wood craftsman from Asansol, West Bengal. I want to help increase self-employment among the young generation.One of my innovations is a home-made multipurpose Router Work Bench machine. It helps in spiral cutting, round cutting, hollow spiral cutting, flute & reed cutting, mould cutting, surface planning and beat cutting on solid wood. Various items like lamp post stand, candle stand, table & chair legs, sofa legs, indoor stair and balcony fences scan be made.   Many thanks for sharing your achievement. Will you like to put the design of your machine in open source that is make it possible for other artisans to copy it or you would rather wish to protect it? HBN can support you accordingly. Pl send full details with designs and if possible video also. Keep up your creative spirit –Ed. Making students more entrepreneurial and innovative Krishna Vuppala krishna@vuppalagroup.com Congratulations on all the great work you & your team is doing. I am on a mission to accelerate the pace of global innovation with the motto ‘Every project done by every student has to advance innovation!’ I am currently building a platform/product, called Pieneers, to make our students more entre-preneurial & innovative. Pieneers has 3 key features, ‘Problem Discovery’ & ‘Capture the Journey’ are aimed at making students innovative and ‘Pieneers Contests’ is aimed at providing experiential learning opportunities, making them entre-preneurs. I am in the initial stages of building ‘Capture the Journey’ feature and am working towards launching a MVP/Pilot early 2015. Please see techpedia.in which is trying to do the same already. However, we will still be happy to understand more about what you are doing, all the best. –Ed. Research on grassroots innovations Anuradha Mehta anuradha.mehta@postgrad.mbs.ac.uk I am a Master’s student at the University of Manchester and I am writing my thesis on Grassroots level innovations in India. I am researching on the strategies grassroots level innovators have used to make their products successful. I have read various papers of yours, as well as seen your video on TEDx. This made me realize that speaking to you on this topic would be greatly beneficial to me. As the founder of Honeybee Network and SRISTI, it is evident that you have done numerous research studies in this area and by speaking to you I would be able to gain further knowledge on this subject which will help my research. I appreciate your query and will be happy to help. Please send us your synopsis and research framework I hope you have read some papers at my blog anilg.sristi.org. –Ed. Collaborating with Gaon Connection Raunak Tiwary manu13.raunak@gmail.com When we were at the last Shodyatra, I realized that the Honeybee Network’s research on innovation was un-paralleled and we had answers to most of the farmers’ queries. We also were in a position to give out advice on how to use resources in a more sustainable manner. I am currently interning at a rural newspaper, Gaon Connection and I believe that a collaboration of both these social enterprises could lead to improving the lives of millions. The newspaper started a year and a half back and is currently still in the pilot stage with a 20,000 copies an issue (the newspaper is a weekly). I believe that a long term collaboration between the Honeybee Network and Gaon Connection can lead to really good results in terms of social impact by making the Honeybee Network’s splendid research available to millions of people. I wanted your permission to source the material from Honeybee newsletter and SRISTI website. Please feel free to disseminate information that we already have in the public domain at sristi.org website among farmers or your other readers. If you acknowledge, it will be nice but we don’t care. Good ideas must ( reach needy people somehow. Please do keep us informed about the feedback that you may get on the same. –Ed. New model for agricultural marketing Prathamesh Gurav & Pratik Nachane prathameshgurav92@gmail.com We are engineering graduates from Mumbai University and residing in Mumbai. We came to know about “Honey Bee Network” through one of our professors. We have heard that your foundation does research in agriculture and farming. Currently, our team is working on a project related to the agriculture sector, which can greatly benefit the agricultural industry in the near future. The project is regarding the possibility of new models or platforms for agricultural marketing and selling. It would be very kind of you if we can get some kind of mentor from this sector who can guide us well in this matter. It is very good that you wish to develop such a platform but why not review the numerous existing platforms first before developing a new one. Only after that a question of finding a mentor will arise. You can register your ideas at techpedia.in with an abstract of the work done already. –Ed. Studying HBN from within Dr. Winston Kwon Winston.Kwon@ed.ac.uk Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the community. It is our hope that studying the network from within, as members will provide us with new understandings that can in time be used to benefit other communities facing similar challenges. New voluntary member of honey bee network, Winston welcome, and be with us, study us from within. One should also take note of how authenticity, at least a pursuit of it, can help overcome many conceptual roadblocks in fertilizing the imagination.’–Ed. Innovators and change makers Dheeraj Kumar dheeraj.kumar@nmims.edu.in It gives me immense pleasure to contact you. I saw your talk at TED, Mysore. It is undoubtedly one of the most influential talks that I have come across. I am a 1st year student at NarseeMonjee Institute Of Management Studies (NMIMS), Bangalore. We are organizing TEDx at our campus. We are looking to dedicate a talk on innovations and ideas in rural India, the unheard and unspoken heroes, which was the essence of your talk. Owing to your vast experience with the community, I believe that you might be willing to assist us in finding such people,whose ideas deserve such a platform. Sir, if you know of any such innovators and change makers, please let us know. Sure Dheeraj! You might as well see our websites where you can find numerous innovators and change makers who have contributed to the cause. –Ed. Institution to cater for knowledge Harsha Mukherjee  harsha.mukherjee@ekjaa.org Trust life is showing you the most beautiful colors. On my journey of CSR I have realized there is a sheer need for an International School of CSR where prominent practitioners and academicians can come together and share knowledge. CSR is a merger of business and social welfare and governance knowledge and needs an individual institution to cater for knowledge. Hope your mission was fulfilled. I was looking for checks for authenticity in CSR maybe you should think more about that. –Ed. A new way of communi-cating: will meanings mutate? José Tavares ikniee@hotmail.com I watched a television programme about your network and Iam interested in more information about all your activities.I’m the inventor of a new global graphic system, a new symbology with thousands of images centred on human body and done with simple lines. This new alphabet, new artistic andsymbolic writing may improve communication  with global symbols/institutions. Our body can also be seen as a symbol. The Iknie Code was invented in 1997 and is known by many thousands in several countries but it isn’t yet a very popular invention. My invention can be used in many areas by quite many people. It can be used on fashion area, merchandising, advertising, design, handicraft, children products, textile, ceramics and others. My images can be exported toany country in the world. There are more simple Iknies, more complex, for the youngest, for woman, for themost modern and for other specific groups. I wish you all the best, Big hug from Lisbon, It is an interesting artistic expression which many artists have tried to use. Whether meanings of symbols used by you will remain constant in your art or for that matter in other art forms across world is an open question. It is an art form mainly because the meanings ( mutate. Yet, the fact that people can resonate makes arts universally appreciated. Keep up your good ( work. –Ed.
Volume No. Honey Bee 25(3) 22-23, 2014