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Title Goodbye ants, repelling scents!
Abstract Malaysian Innovation Foundation and NIF have entered into a close cooperation for strengthening the grassroots innovations systems in Malaysia and providing creative ideas in both the countries, a synergistic opportunity for G2G (Grassroots to Global) scaling up.  In a recent exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum, there were special stalls set up by children showcasing their innovations and ideas. A small selection of those is presented here to trigger imagination of young creative children and also to prove that such creativity is evident everywhere.  If there is something lacking, it is the support system for encouraging such children to grow as innovators and entrepreneurs.  
Details Repelling insects Umi Mi Kalthum Abd. Mutalib, Siti Nurathirah Mohd. Zabir, Norfazilah Kallam, Mohd. Azfar Ladja Teacher guide: Lim Gin Wah Insects, flies, and mosquitoes annoy almost everyone. But Insecticides cause health hazards. This team has made an herbal candle (using hibiscus, cinnamon sticks and cloves). They tested it by keeping it near an ant infested area and observed that ants were repelled by the scent of the candle. Thermo Magic Mooi Kok Hong, Wong Hwah Jhong, Mohd. Izzat Mat Ali, Wong Wei Xiang Teacher guide: Nor Madihah Mohamed The team has designed a small sized, light weight system which can provide both hot and cold water. It is easy to use and has been designed specifically for campers. A battery supplies heat to the coil which acts as a resistor and transfers the heat to the water inside the container. To get cold water, one just needs to switch on the ‘fan’ button, whereby the airflow will dissipate the heat out of the ‘thermomagic’ and it will speed up the water cooling process. Bymut Wan Ahmad Hazieq Wan Mohd Suhami, Engku Ahmad Irfan Engku Ahmad Zaki, Nurul Najibah Mohamad Yusoff, Farah Hanim Mohd Alwi Teacher guide: Fazilla Mukhtar ‘Bymut’ implies ‘good bye ants’. It is a simple and effective solution and different from other products available in the market. This product is made up of 100% natural, non-toxic and environment friendly ingredients. It is made by mixing cooking oil with crushed and ground garlic and keeping the mixture for three days. It can be applied at the foot of the table or the path of the ants. Auto-jack Muhammad Hairi Ibrahim, Muhammad Asyraf Farhan Kamarulizan Teacher guide: Azhar Ahmad Auto-jack is an innovation that produces a hydraulic car jack that can operate automatically. The idea came up on observing the problems faced by the elderly people and women while changing a car tyre. Raising a car jack requires a lot of time and effort. This innovation makes it easier and can work in all conditions. Sago gel electrolyte zinc-air battery Muhammad Syamil Hakeem Dzulkafli, Nornadiah Ibnnu Abbas Teacher guide: Nornazizah Abdul Rahman The continuous and efficient use of electronic equipments requires improvement in the portable batteries. There is a significant need for high density power supply batteries. In liquid based electrolytes, the problem of drying and leakage affect battery life. In this innovation, he has used gel electrolyte polymerized starch with zinc-air battery. Using starch as an electrolyte agent is simple and unique. The device generates about 1.3V. Linear polarization shows that zinc has the lowest corrosion rate as well.
Volume No. Honey Bee 22(4) & 23(1) 11, 2012