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Title a bamboo wind musical instrument
Details BamHum – a bamboo wind musical instrumentMoa SubongDimapur, NagalandMoa Subong is a musician who has developed BamHum, which is a new wind musical instrument made out of a bamboo. The name BamHum is derived from the two words, bamboo and humming. For playing the BamHum one has to simply hum a tune into the hum hole, which produces a melodic tune. The user can moderate the tone of his/her to get desired musical notes and pitch from the instrument, which takes some practice. Modified Combine Harvester Surendra PrasadSant Kabir Nagar, Uttar PradeshThis is a tractor operated modified combine harvester with the provision of collecting chaff. It can be operated using a tractor of 60 hp and above. The combine harvester, has two separate chambers for storing fodder and wheat grains. It cuts stalk of wheat closer to ground to minimise the loss of grains and fodder during harvesting. This machine harvests one acre of standing crop in an hour. The crop storage chamber of the machine can store wheat up to eight quintals whereas six to eight quintals of straw can also be stored.Improved varieties of Crossandra spp. and Casuarina spp.T. Vengadapathy ReddiarPuducherryVengadapathy Reddiar has developed several new varieties of Casuarina spp. and Crossandra spp. by cross breeding, optimized gamma radiation treatment and subsequent mass selection method. Improved varieties of Casuarina spp. MIQ and Modi - 1 have been accepted by many farmers for cropping as they have fast and uniform growth habits. Many varieties of Crossandra spp. such as Modi-1 to 3 and Kalam-1 to 3, have unique patterns and colour. The special features of Crossandra spp. developed by him are variation in colour, from dark red to yellow, good shelf life and disease tolerance. In Casuarina spp., high wood yield (200 ton/acre after 5 years) with 90 per cent uniform growth and tolerance to insect pests, are the special features. Herbal medication for treating anestrous in bovinesLaduben Somabhai BhambhiSabarkantha, GujaratLaduben is a traditional knowledge holder who has a lot of herbal medications for treating animal diseases in her repertoire. She has been practicing a herbal medication for treating anestrous, a period of sexual inactivity in animals, between two heat periods.During the validation trials, about sixty percent of cows being treated for clinical condition of anestrous responded in less than seven days whereas forty per cent of buffaloes responded to the medication within six and a half days. The medication, thereby, confirmed its role in the development of follicle. Also, after treatment with the herbal medication, the conception rate among the responded cows was found to be 33 per cent whereas 75 per cent in responded buffaloes.Improved wheelchair for the physically challenged and silk reeling cum spinning machineNavajit BharaliDhemaji, AssamTroubled by the tedious process of reeling and spinning, Navajit developed a compact automatic machine, which can efficiently undertake spinning and reeling simultaneously and can process different types of silk including muga silk and eri silk. Affected by the plight of people with disabilities, Navajit also developed a hands free electronic chair bike, which can be moved by simply shifting the body weight to front, back or sideways while being seated on the chair.Onion Harvester and Motorcycle Operated Salt Turning Device Shrawan Kumar BajyaSikar, RajasthanThe onion harvester is a tractor front mounted PTO operated machine for cutting leaves/topping and digging the bulbs. The process of leaf cutting is followed by digging the bulbs using the machine. The uprooted onion bulbs with soil get conveyed along the length of tractor where the soil gets separated due to gap between the slats. The bulbs get collected without damage in the collector box mounted at the rear. The machine requires a 50 hp tractor with its field capacity varying between 0.15-0.20 ha/h consuming 2-2.5 litre per hour fuel. It is to be noted here that 40 labourers are required to do the same job in one day.He has also developed a motorcycle operated salt turning device for manual operation in salt for a task, which is done by the workers using their feet (absorbing lot of salt in the process).Wrapper pickerDiptanshu Malviya and Mukul MalviyaSirohi, RajasthanMukul and Diptanshu thought about this device when they saw a sweeper picking up waste pouches, pieces of paper, and empty wafer packets littered across a bus station. The machine is very simple, easy to operate and maintain. It is very useful for sanitation workers. It has great potential for diffusion by municipalities, town area Committees etc. and can help the objectives of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. NIF has improved this model with the help of designers.HRMN-99: New apple variety for tropical, sub-tropical and plain areasHariman SharmaBilaspur, Himachal PradeshHariman Sharma has developed an improved variety of apple that can be successfully grown in plains, tropical and subtropical areas. This variety does not require chilling season for flowering and fruit setting. The characteristics of this scab disease resistant apple variety include plant height up to 12-15 feet, fruiting after third year of plantation, flowering in early January and harvesting after six months (June). The ripe fruit color is yellow-red with normal fruit size and sweet in taste. The average yield of a well grown plant (10-12 years old) is about 1.0 quintal/plant.Herbal medication for curing Ephemeral feverSheik Hebazat HussainEast Champaran, BiharSheik Hebazat Hussain (62), an agriculturist and a herbal healer, has been practicing a novel herbal treatment for curing ephemeral fever in cattle. This is a short term vector borne viral disease characterised by sudden onset of fever, stiffness, lameness and nasal and ocular discharges. During trials it was found that his medication was effective in minimising respiratory distress and lameness on the third day of the clinical infection. The temperature of affected animal was also found to be steady the second day onward after the administration of medication. The medication also restored the average milk yield sixth day onward. Modified fixture of dozer blade with tractorMadan Lal KumawatSikar, RajasthanMadan Lal has modified the design of fixture/frame of the dozer in tractors, which has resulted in easy repairs, transportation and maneuverability. The modifications include three supports from rear wheel mud guard bolts, tractor chassis and center of front part by attaching a plate. The modification has resulted in no breakage of chassis and easy maneuverability. Further transport from one place to another has become easy due to reduction in width. Air Sealant/Tyre sealantK Pandu Ranga RaoMedak, TelanganaA mechanic by profession, Pandu Ranga Rao has developed a sealant for motorcycle and auto rickshaw tyres to make them puncture resistant. The novelty in his sealant is that it is prepared using rubber powder, mica powder and gum. It helps tyres resist more punctures and works equally good in hot summers and cool winters. Durga 4- Improved Variety of Carrot Madan Lal DevadaJodhpur, RajasthanMadan Lal Devada has developed an improved carrot variety through selection method. The carrots are long (up to 60 cm), red in colour with sweet taste, high vitamin content, long leaves and better shelf life. The long leaves of this carrot variety can be used as green fodder for animals.A field trial was carried out to test the performance of the variety in farmers’ fields where the performance of Durga – 4 (542.5 q/ha) was at par with national check (550.8 q/ha) and far superior than local check varieties. The variety was also found to be free from disease and pest incidence, very sweet in taste with less forked roots. In the biochemical analysis carried out at CALF Lab (National Dairy Development Board, Anand), ²-carotene content in Durga 4 was found to be 72.08 mg/kg (dry basis), the iron content at 95.8mg/kg and the vitamin E content was found to be 52.1 IU/kg.Madhuvan Gajar- Improved Carrot Variety Vallabhhai Vasrambhai MarvaniyaJunagadh, Gujarat This is a high yielding, long sized carrot variety, having high carotene content, deep red colour and sweet in taste. The average yield of this Maduvan Gajar is very high (40 – 50 t/ha) and the maximum yield reaches up to 65t/ha under good management practices. Biochemical analysis carried out at CALF Lab (National Dairy Development Board, Anand) showed high ²-carotene content at 277.75 mg/kg (dry basis) and high iron content at 276.7 mg/kg. It has also been found to be good for canning and juice purpose.Herbal medication for the retention of placenta in animalsShravak Karshanbhai Govindbhai Banaskantha, GujaratKarshanbhai, a farmer, animal care taker and an expert herbal healer, has developed an effective cure for treating retention of placenta, a common health problem affecting cattle. Retention of Placenta (ROP) is a condition where all or part of the placenta (organ that connects the developing foetus to the uterine wall to allow gaseous, nutrient and faecal matter exchange) is left behind in the uterus after the calf’s birth. During the validation trials, the expulsion of placenta in cows was observed to be within 2.43 ± 0.12 hours and within 2.38 ±0.05 hours in case of buffaloes after the administration of the medication.Groundnut Digger and Disc Harrow Seed Drill Mansaram Suthar and Malaram SutharChuru, RajasthanThe two brothers, who are engaged in farming and machinery repairs, have developed a light weight groundnut digger with double beaters and a disc harrow based seed drill. The groundnut digger is a tractor mounted, PTO powered implement, which is lighter with better weight distribution and has double beaters to reduce load on the engine. The seed drill/seed cum fertilizer drill using a single gang of disc harrow as the furrow opener. They find its performance to be better than cultivator based seed drills. Robotic SprayerGanesh ShettyChikamangalur, KarnatakaIt is an engine operated robotic climber using chain with rubber grippers (like caterpillar legs), which can climb up to height of 50-70 feet and spray pesticide/growth promoter while climbing up an arecanut tree. The device can climb up to 60 feet in approximate seven minutes including setting up time of the device. This device can be controlled through remote within a radius of 200 m and needs two persons for installation. PCB repairing device for mobiles and othersMohammad Shafi AhangerAnantnag, Jammu and Kashmir The device is a semi-automatic set-up which has a PCB holding bed movable along Y-axis and a desoldering heat gun attached to a movable X-axis controlled with a joy stick camera is attached to the gun to capture the zoomed-in view of the PCB/ICs kept below, which is displayed on the small LCD screen. Tweezers are attached besides the heat gun, which moves down and grips the IC when controlled with a mouse. The X-axis can be locked for proper positioning of the tweezers. It also has a multimeter to show the voltage current and other electrical parameters. Multipurpose tool - Axe cum chisel cum hammerMohd Rafiq Ahanger Anantnag, Jammu and KashmirThis is a multipurpose tool, which can be used as an axe, hammer, chisel, blade, screw driver for domestic or other carpentry tasks as per the requirements. This multipurpose device is made from high carbon steel. This tool can replace or combine various tools into a single product rather than having them separately. Cooking cum drying stoveMaibam Deben SinghImphal West, ManipurThis is a wood charcoal fuelled cooking stove with a number of drying trays below the gas top, to dry various food items. The stove is a self-standing one, which also serves as a work place having a work platform at a height of 75 cm from ground and measures around 60 cm x 90 cm. Two cooking stoves have been provided at the top and a third one for drying purpose at the bottom in the centre. The stove was designed in accordance to the traditional food preference of people of Manipur, Nagaland etc., where they dry various items like fish, meat, certain vegetables etc., for consumption.Step-lock system in busR Santhosh, J Rajasekar, A Nivashini, K RathnaTiruvarur, Tamil Nadu After reading about accidents occurring when people stand at the stairs of the bus or run to catch the bus, the four young school students independently thought of a system in the bus, which would not allow the bus to move if people are standing on its stairs (while getting up or getting down), thereby preventing accidents. They had been awarded at IGNITE, 2013.Posture correcting chairKulsoom Rizavi, Tarun Anand, Sunvi AgarwalLucknow, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh; ChandigarhThe three school students have independently conceived the idea to have a chair with sensors at appropriate places, which will alert the user if s/he is sitting in a wrong posture. They thought that while it may not be possible to be reminded again and again by some third party for not sitting properly, this task can be done by the chair itself. Or there can be a sensor in the computer or TV screen which will go blank when posture is not right, and a message will flash, “please sit properly, else I will not let you see the screen”. They received IGNITE awards in 2013.Chingjin Thabi Selection – Improved cucumber varietySapam Lukhoi SinghThoubal, ManipurSapam Lukhoi Singh has developed an improved cucumber variety through selection from a local variety Chingjin Thabi. The specific characteristics of the variety are high yield, dark green colour, tolerance to leaf curl and long storage life (10-15 days). This variety is suitable for sandy loam soil and sown in March-July. In trials, the farmer’s variety Chengjin Thabi Selection (25.87 t/ha) was found to be good and high yielding next to Alimgir CT 380 (30.63 t/ha), a very high yielding variety from Thailand, which is grown commonly in Manipur. The longest fruit (24.42 cm) was also recorded from Chengjin Thabi Selection. The average number of fruits/plant (17), fruit weight/plant (1.08 kg) and yield (25.87 t/ha) of the farmer’s variety were also found to be higher than the other three check varieties taken up for the trialsPandrinath-1: Improved variety of SoybeanKashinath N. Lokhande Betul, Madhya PradeshSoybean Pandrinath-1 is a bi-seasonal variety of 90-95 days with the plants having comprehensive growth habit, more number of pods and uniform bold sized seeds. The variety is tolerant to Yellow Mosaic disease, has high yield (12-15 q/acre) and is suitable for areas having heavy and low rainfall. The field trials on soybean variety Pandrinath-1 were conducted in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka where it was found to be early maturing, having high yield and a disease free performance.Niranjan Bhata: Improved traditional variety of BrinjalLeela Ram Sahu Dhamtari, ChhattisgarhLeela Ram Sahu has improved and conserved a good quality traditional brinjal variety and has been maintaining its purity by mass selection. The Niranjan Bhata variety has long sweet purple fruit with spine on stem and calyx. The number of fruits per plant is more than other commonly available varieties. The variety is resistant to major diseases and pests. The report received from Department of Vegetable Science, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (IGKV) Raipur, Chhattisgarh during 2016-2017 confirmed that the variety Niranjan Bhata possesses longer (45-60 cm) and good quality fruits with lower instance of insect pest & disease. They also mentioned that it is a valuable traditional cultivar for research purpose.Improved varieties of Anthurium and its planting methodD. Vasini BaiThiruvananthapuram, KeralaVasini Bai has developed ten varieties of Anthurium by cross pollination. Large and medium flowers with rare color combination (light and dark orange, magenta, green and rose color combination, dark red and white colors) unique characteristics of these varieties. The salient features of all the varieties are large beautiful flowers, different colors of spathe and spandex, long stalks and longer shelf life.Herbal medication for treating bloat in animalsSitanath Munda Ranchi, JharkhandSitanath Munda (48) is an agriculturist who is also quite known for providing herbal treatments for various human and animal related ailments. His herbal practice for bloat, a condition where excessive gas gets accumulated in stomach, has been found to be novel and promising. During the trials, the medication was found effective by improvising digestive function of rumen in livestock.
Volume No. Honey Bee 28(1) 15-22

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