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Category NEWS & VIEWS
Title National Scouting and Documentation Workshop
Details National Scouting and Documentation Workshop When spiritual activists from Punjab share the platform with young scholars from Meghalaya (where 26th shodh yatra is scheduled, Jan 3-9, 2011), the real strength of Honey Bee Network manifests. Young activists from Bengal and Assam rubbed shoulders with senior activists from Gujarat and Bihar and discussed various approaches of scouting and documenting grassroots innovations and traditional knowledge practices during a two day workshop (22nd -23rd September 2010 at Ahmedabad) organized by NIF. Detailed presentation on different aspects like herbarium collection and preparation, photographing innovations, detailed documentation etc. was given to the participants. A field work was also conducted in Amrapur, Gandhinagar district where the participants interviewed herbal healers, collected plant samples and prepared herbarium. In all, 73 volunteers from 22 states expressed a strong resolve to unearth local creativity. Scouting and Documentation Workshop at Barpeta, Assam On 26th September 2010 a workshop was conducted in Barpeta district of Assam with the help of a local NGO. Altogether 56 participants from nearby villages participated in the workshop to discover and exchange each others’ knowledge and insights. Technology transfer of Grassroots Technologies: Arvind Bhai makes a licensing record of sorts The Natural Water Cooler technology was licensed for the 3rd time (previously it was transferred to two other entrepreneurs from Gujarat State). Khodke Agro Products Private Ltd from Amravati, Maharashtra came forward to replicate the similar business model in Maharashtra. The innovative tong- Suraksha was conceived during an exercise when Honey Bee Network posed several of unsolved problems faced in daily life. Arvind Bhai devised an innovative household utensil holding device. The firm, Jholapara Fabrications, was involved in value addition and design inputs for the past two years. During the value addition the entrepreneur used it at his home and also did market research and got finally convinced about the technology. In June 2010, he bought the exclusive rights of manufacturing and marketing in India. Arvind Bhai deserves appreciation for the fact that he is one innovator whose technologies have been licensed the most (with the help of GIAN west) among all the innovations in Honey Bee Network database. Alstom Foundation, France joins hands with GIAN for low cost wind mill project In its endeavour to help Agariyas (salt farmers) of Little Rann of Kachchh, by diffusing grassroots innovation of low cost wind mill originally developed by Mehtar Hussian and Mushtak Ahmed of Assam, Alstom Foundation, France approved financial support for installation of 50 wind mills in the first phase. GIAN West is in the process of technology assessments through Alstom Wind experts. Support by Jalgaon collectorate office to Sheikh Jahangir Sheikh Jahangir, the innovator of scooter mounted floor mill, featured in the famous film Three Idiots, has been supported by Jalgaon district administration. Then Jalgaon collector, Kunal arranged a low interest loan with partial subsidy to the innovator for establishment of workshop. NIF also extended support to him for establishing a workshop which Jahnagir wishes to use to train local youth as well apart from fabrication of his devices.
Volume No. Honey Bee, 21(3), 20, 2010