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Category Humss (Tamil)
Title Herbal practices keep costs low while the crops glow
Details 27201 Herbal pesticideLeaves of arali (Neerium oleander L.), etty (Strychnos nux-vomica L.), kasuarali and custard apple (Annona squamosa), along with neem kernel, basal stem of tobacco, aloe vera and leaves of oduvanthalai (Cleistanthus collinus), (one kilo each), are soaked in 20 l of water for about two to three weeks. This mixture is then filtered to obtain an extract which is used as herbal pesticide. Kulanthaisam dilutes the extract 10 times with water and sprays over two acres of land.Kulanthaisam, Periya Anaikaraippatti, TrichyScout: M HemalathaRathi, M. H., & Al-Zubaidi, F. S. (2011). Effect of crude phenolic extracts of Nerium oleander L. leaves on the biological performance of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.)(Homoptera: Aleyrodida). Diyala J. Pure Sci, 7, 214-226. 27202 Treatment for swelling in the brisket region in animalsA handful of Siriya nangai (Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Wall. ex Nees), siru gurinjan (Gymnema sylvestre R. Br.) and aloe vera (Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.) are pounded well. To this mixture, turmeric powder is added. The paste, along with hot water, is administered orally. The animal should be stall-fed for two to three days.A Yesamuthu, Vilangattur, ViruthachalamScout: K KaveriLow, M., Khoo, C. S., Münch, G., Govindaraghavan, S., & Sucher, N. J. (2015). BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 15(1), 1. 27203 Aibiza amara, pepper and eggs to cure fever in cattlePuraikakalan takes a handful of usilai (Albizia amara (Roxb.) B. Boivin.) leaves and grinds them well. Then, he applies the paste all over the body of the cattle. About 50 g of pepper (Piper nigrum L) is then ground and administrated orally, along with two chicken eggs. This practice cures fever in cattle.Puraikakalan, Velankattupatty, Kulithalai Taluka,TrichyScout: D Jenifer & D Gajapriya Antimicrobial property of Leaves of Albizia amara [Praveen, Prasad, et al., 2011. Journal of Pharmacy Research Vol. 4.3; 832-835)] and Pepper [Dorman HJ and Deans SG, 2000. J Appl Microbial. 88 (2), 308-31]. 27204 Tympany in cattleKuppuswamy grinds asafoetida (Ferula assa-foetida L.), garlic and black pepper together and administers the mixture orally to the cattle. This cures tympany in cattle. This is also an effective remedy for several stomach ailments.Kuppusamy, Udhurkad, Mettur Taluka, SalemoScout: L GangaAsafoetida is one of the best remedies available for flatulence and is an essential ingredient for most of the digestive powders. Mahendra P, Bisht S, (2012). Ferula asafetida: Traditional uses and pharmacological activity. Pharmacognosy reviews, 6(12): 141-146
Volume No. Honey Bee 27(2) 11, 2016