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HoneyBee (English) MAGAZINE

Issue - October - December / 2016 - 2016       Volume - 27.4
Title - Ideas Storm a Windmill

  • Biodiverse and Culturally Rich Land of Nagas: A Photo Essay on 38th Shodhyatra
  • Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE 2016 Awards
  • COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: PART-II Fabricating Solutions for the Persistent Problems of the Poor: Summer School on Inclusive Innovations, 2016

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There was once a heavy storm in an idea land, situated in the Tequatorial region with a lot of sunlight. This place was also called sometimes as land of the sun because of abundant sunlight and wind. But the storm this time was very strong and a lot of trees were uprooted, and a few flag poles had also fallen down. There was thankfully no loss of life. After the storm, people started rebuilding the damaged structure. One young girl popularly called Mini was assisting her mother in cleaning the debris in the garden. After a while, she noticed that storm had brought lot of pages of a torn book. She was very happy when she saw on each page an interesting innovative idea of some young student. She collected all the pages and made a few small paper wind mills. When the mill run,  she could feel the flow of wind in the garden. A lot of other children also gathered seeing her so happy, they were intrigued to see so many new innovative ideas printed on each wing of the wind mill. It seemed the pages had been torn of an art or idea book? Which was this book?