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Issue - April - September / 2017 - 2017       Volume - Vol-28-2-3
Title - Lessons of Filling a Sieve with Water: Power of Creative Thinking

  • 39th Shodhyatra: Odisha
  • Sattvik 2016: Celebrating tradition, Organic, Nutrition and Health
  • Workshop for Innovative and Creative Children

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 Once, after giving a discourse on the power of creative thinking, a teacher thought of examining the learning of his students. He took them near a sea and handed them a sieve. The students were inquisitive about the new activity. One of them asked, "What do you intend us to do with this Sieve, Sir?" The teacher threw a challenge and demanded to fill the sieve with water. Confused little minds moved towards the sea and started with their attempts of filling the sieve. They tried every possible way but it was nearly impossible! Exhausted by the repeated failed attempts, the students showed disappointment "This is an impossible task, Sir. Why would you demand us to do something that cannot happen?" The teacher smiled at them and asked "Are you sure, it cannot happen?" The students nodded in acceptance.

The teacher, then moved towards the sea and threw the sieve in the water. It sank!
"See, its all filled with water now!" - the teacher smiled.