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 Sr  Image  Innovator  Innovation  Category  
1 Gemalsinh Mohansinh Rana Control of `Lashkari' Pest Management Details

2 Somabhai Mangaldas Patel Using Cress for treating animals Livestock Management Details

3 Chavdhari Bhajanbhai Koldhubhai Control of Aphid by fumigation of bean shells Pest Management Details

4 Dhirubhai Bhovanbhai Khanpara Control of White Fly Pest Management Details

5 Chaudhari Kuvarjibhai Chhaganbhai Weakening of Teeth Livestock Management Details

6 Nareshbhai C. Chaudhari Treatment for inflammation of udder: leaves of Aegle marmelos and Cenchrus spp Livestock Management Details

7 Surkiyabhai Chandiyabhai Vasava Poultry Disease Management: Mixture of onion, garlic and Cuscuta reflexa Poultry Management Details

8 Vasava Danjibhai Vitthalbhai Control of Surface Grass Hopper in Sorghum Pest Management Details

9 Kuvarjibhai Chhaganbhai Chaudhari Disease Control - Fumigation in Sorghum Crop Management Details

10 Somdas Mangaldas Patel Weed as an indicator of soil fertility Crop Management Details

11 Nathabhai Bavabhai Control of Aphid by ash Plant Protection Details

12 Mansinh Motisinh Rathod Control of Contipation by mixture of leaves of 'vakhada' boiled wheat and pods of 'desi baval' Livestock Management Details

13 Dudhabhai Hajabhai Parmar Treatment for dropping of `Placenta', using seeds of Abrus precatorius and bajra. Livestock Management Details

14 Mahipatsinh Balbha Jadeja Eradication of the ecto parasite - Use of tobacco powder and oil mixture Livestock Management Details

15 Karshanbhai Karamshibhai Desai Rust of Wheat Crop Management Details

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