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Details Bicycle with a fan Rupesh Chaubey rupeshkchaubey@gmail.com I am a scientist in DRDO. I am writing this mail to you because of my four year old son, Subhag. He is in nursery grade. He often draws some figures on paper. Some time ago, he drew an interesting sketch, indicating that it is a bicycle with a fan. I’m very excited with this and thought of sharing it with you. It is good to hear this! I am glad that you paid attention to your child’s imagination. A cycle with a fan can be a very good idea when there is no electricity. You will find many interesting images similar to this. However, we should not dishearten Subhag by telling him that others have already thought of it. For now, let him know that what other people have imagined at a much higher age, he did at a much earlier age. –Ed. Interview during COP11, Hyderabad Ina Lehmann ina.lehmann@iniis.uni-bremen.de I am a researcher in the field of international biodiversity politics. My research analyses the Convention on Biological Diversity from a perspective of global justice with a particular emphasis on the distribution of the costs and benefits that the CBD creates. In this regard, I wish to have an interview with you. My interview would concentrate on the difference that CBD regulations make for the well-being of the people affected by it as well as for a fair and equitable access and benefit-sharing agreements. I look forward to your reply, informing whether you or one of your colleagues would be available for such an interview during the MOP 6 or COP 11. Our colleagues attending COP 11 will be most happy to interact with you. They will be in touch with you and brief you on our thoughts and actions on this and many other themes of CBD. –Ed. Invitation to South Africa Catherine A. Odora Hoppers hoppeco@unisa.ac.za I have met you in Ahmedabad at the IIM as part of the Joint Commission on Science and Technology between South Africa and India. On returning from India, I was appointed to head a Task Team to draft the National Policy on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and redraft the Legislation in South Africa. The policy, which was passed in 2004, is now under full implementation. Now, I have taken up the Dept. of Technology and the National Research Foundation Chair in Development Education. I am pleased to share with you that my core theme is Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the conditions for their integration. There is still so much to be done! I want to invite you to attend an event to mark the first five years of my being in the chair where I have created an International Advisory Indigenous Knowledge Faculty. When we meet, we can share other tit-bits of the processes, as well as the joys and the nightmares that surround that entire process. Thanks Catherine for this invite. What is remarkable is that the policy you drafted is being implemented. The Honey Bee Network is always with you in this journey towards giving the creativity at grassroots its dues. –Ed. Industry outreach Prabodh Sirur prabodh.sirur@logica.com I am responsible for creating communities, within India operations of our company, for doing community service. Do you see any possibility of partnering with you? We are a software company (www.logica.com) and most of our employees are young engineers; if we can design a programme that will use their technical bent of mind, it would be a great drive. Logica’s market is Europe; what we are planning with respect to community service is not for publicity but with a serious concern for the community. The initiative is driven by our global innovation director and he is looking for ideas from me. I really appreciate your outreach attempt. Not many large corporations have tried to join hands with the Network yet. There is a lot that we still need to explore further. I have gone through your site and seen your company’s committment to sustainability. We will be happy to explore an enduring partnership between your company and SRISTI in various IT and non IT related activities. We welcome interns to SRISTI’s and NIF’s family of innovators and communities. We would be glad to receive assistance from your IT experts in creating a collaborative online platform to link mentors, designers, entrepreneurs and investors with inventors. The websites of Sristi.org, IndiaInnovates.com and NIFIndia.org can be revamped, made multilingual, and with efficient search engines. - Ed. Testing Balwan Singh’s onion vareity Ayush Sharma ayush85@gmail.com The onion variety developed by Balwan Singh is an inspiring story. We are a farming organisation that supports farmers. We would like to test this variety and if results are satisfactory, we may scale up by producing in our farms and encouraging other farmers to adopt it too. Please let us know how seeds of this variety for about five acres of farm can be procured. We would like to talk to Balwan and learn from his experience. Thank you for your interest. My colleagues will let you know how much seed they can arrange. We should try a system where farmers become sales agents of other farmer innovators, and breeders so that they get the distributor’s margin. -Ed We would also like to thank David Wanetick, Kalpana Shah, KRS Murthy, Randy Geile, and Anke Weisheit for writing to us. If you have any innovative ideas to share and questions to ask, send us an e-mail at hbncon@gmail.com
Volume No. Honey Bee 23(3) 22, 2013