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Category Gujarati Hums
Title Practices
Details Low Cost Remedies for Cattle26201 Mastitis in animalTo treat infection in a swollen udder in cattle, Taraben uses a herbal practice. She used to find blood and pus in milk when the udder was infected. To cure this, she soaks 50 g dry tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) in 100 ml of hot water. She removes the seeds along with the outer layer (skin) and its veins and then filters it to make a paste. She then adds 50 g indigo powder and makes a semi-solid paste. This paste, when applied to the affected udder daily after milking the cattle for one week, can provide relief to the cattle. Along with this practice, an icebag can also applied before milking. This remedy can be continued till the infection gets completely cured.Taraben Vasudevbhai Patel, Malosan, Taluka, Vijapur, Mehsana districtScout: Sneha V. Patel 26202 Diarrhoea in cattleSometimes, stale food or overeating can cause diarrhoea in cattle. The cattle may pass pus and blood in stool and become weak. To cure this disease, innovator Shaileshbhai Kathviya uses root of Jatropha curcas L. and tea leaf. The innovator crushes 100 to 200 g Jatropha curcas root and 10 g tea leaf and boils them in 300 ml water. Once cooled and filtered, this water can be drenched to the animal to control diarrhoea immediately.Shaileshbhai says that if this cure is used for goat, then the dosage should be reduced to half.Shaileshbhai Khumaji Kathviya, Kharol, Vasai, Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha DistrictScout: Hemaben Patel 26203 Corn charcoal to cure diarrhoea in cattleTo treat cattle suffering from diarrhoea, Kalubhai burns empty corn cobs and collects about one kg ash. This charcoal ash is sieved and 250 g of the ash is added to one litre of buttermilk. When given to cattle twice a day for three days, the herbal medicine can completely cure diarrhoea.Kalubhai Bhimjibhai Jiyani, Derdi Kumbhaji, Gondal Taluka, Rajkot DistrictScout: Rakesh R. Bahopiya 26204 Anoestrus in cattleWhen the cattle suffer from anoestrus, it becomes a major economic concern for the breeder as it affects milking as well as breeding. To cure this, Khumaji uses an effective herbal practice. He adds four to five velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC., commonly known as Kawach) fruits into the animal’s fodder in its morning meal. The velvet bean is a therapeutic plant that promotes positive mood and overall wellness.The innovator says that this practice helps the animal come into heat within a week. The innovator says that the practice is safe and does not have any side effect.Khumaji Badaji KathviyaKharol, Vasai, Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha DistrictScout : Hemaben Patel 26205 Prolapse of uterus in animalGenerally, cows and buffalos suffer prolapse uterus due to internal heat or swelling. As a cure, Ramajibhai uses the bark of Bombax ceiba L., commonly known as cotton tree. He boils two handfuls of the bark of Bombax in two litres of water till the liquid reduces to half its original quantity. He then pours this water into coarsely ground maize (bhaidku). This mixture is fed to the animal for a week to cure swelling and restore the uterus to its normal position.Ramajibhai Bhemajibhai ParmarMunshivada, Meghraj Taluka, Sabarkantha DistrictScout : Hemaben Patel
Volume No. HB26(2) 18, 2015