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Augment Innovation

1 Automatic Pump Operator : The machine consists of three basic units:- 1.Water level sensor unit for overhead tank: It consists of two floats and electrical signaling unit. Based on level of water in tank (empty/full) different signals are activated and fed to control unit. 2.Water level sensor unit for reservoir/water source: In normal cases the pump starts once the water level in overhead tank falls below the threshold/reserved level and stops when it is filled up. Sometimes it happens that the water source is empty, which results burning of motor winding. Whenever the water level sensor unit for overhead tank sends signal to control unit for switching on the pump, this unit (2) checks the water level in the source and send feedback, also when the pump is running (overhead tank is not completely filled) but there is no water in source, it sends signal to control unit for switching off the pump. 3.Control unit: This is the main unit of the system, which receives signals from water level sensor units and switchs on/off the pump accordingly.
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2 Amphibious Bicycle : A unique attachment retrofitted to a conventional bi-cycle to make it amphibious. It is an ergonomically designed, low cost, manually operated transport vehicle with capacity to transport one person (rider). The bicycle has capabilities of having front and backward movement in water.The project has been supported under MVIF and has also been featured in leading National as well as International Channels like Discovery, BBC etc.
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3 Bullock Operated Sprayer : The main components of the sprayer are self made frame, lugged iron wheels, differential unit (of fiat car), belt and pulley drive, gear box, gear shifting lever, chain & sprocket drive, pump, spray tank (100 lit capacity), spray boom and nozzles. The device is pulled by a pair of bullocks. The gear box has three gears. When operator shifts the lever to higher gear, frequency of strokes of pump increases which consequently develops more pressure. As a result the spray fluid atomizes into fine droplets with wider swath. When the gear box is in neutral position, the drive to the pumping unit gets cut off. The suction pipe of the pump is connected to the spray tank and delivery pipe is connected to the spray boom. The height of the spray boom can be adjusted as per the requirement suiting to the height of the crop. The spray boom has 16 nozzles spaced at a distance of 35 cm.

4 Compost Aerator : The present innovation relates to a compost aerator machine which can efficiently turn, mix, aerate and humidify the waste, for easy conversion of bio-wastes, to compost useful as rich manure in agriculture fields. An Indian patent no. (1717/DEL/2008) has been filed for the Innovation. His manufacturing unit is registered as Dhonshi Mechanization.
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5 Gas (LPG) Operated Iron (Press) : The innovation consists of an iron box that is operated through LPG gas. There is an inbuilt automatic lighter for ignition of the filament in the iron. The box has a capacity of holding 1 kg of gas. The gas flows through a small copper pipe, the size of the pipe is such that 1kg of the gas can be used continuously for 24 hours. The flow of the gas can be regulated by a knob regulator. the iron gets warmed up within 2-3 minutes up to 45 degree C. The cost for operating the iron box for an hour is Rs. 1.8/- approximately. The low cost gas operated iron is ideal for tailors and washer men due to its cost effectiveness, and simplicity in design.
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6 Washing Cum Exercise Machine : The innovation is a mechanical, semi-automate, pedal operated washing machine for clothes, which works on the principle of tumbling effect. The device comprises a cuboid shaped encasement, which rotates through a shaft integrated to pedals with a seating arrangement for the user. The operation facilitates physical exercise for the user. An Indian Patent no. (207634) has been granted to this innovation.
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7 Mitticool : Improvement in mitticool.
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8 Tractor : Bacchu bhai's tractor to be optimised with variable speed engine and newly designed gearbox .

9 Tea making machine : It needs to have control system to enable the mixing of tea, milk, sugar (and of course water) in the proportions one wants. It should be able to remember the preferences of different consumers for different moods with a smart card. tea has to be made in Indian style.
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10 Panihari : can we make it more efficient, comfortable and redesign load distribution system in any other way.