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1 Title : In Induction furnace, charge (scrap) is filled and heated thus metal melts which is poured in crucible for further processing. The quantity of liquid metal is required to be known.
Problem : This automated process of weighting wherein empty crucible is weighted first and then weighed again after filling the metal into crucible. However this method is not very popular across the industry. For More Details Click Here...
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2 Title : Double Effect Evaporative Cooling
Problem : During summer when air is hot and humidity is low, generally most preferred solution for cooling is Evaporative Cooling as it is most efficient way compared to other options available like air conditioning through vapor absorption route. This option is feasible for small area where cooling is needed. But for larger volume or space like in official buildings we need to have large capacity cooler and some other advanced solution to have cooling equivalent to air conditioning. For More Details Click Here...
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3 Title : Draw energy balance graph using web-based technology “PHP”.
Problem : It is required to draw and display energy balance (for all forms of energy being used) on a web-based platform. By having energy balance on internet many stake holders can access it and further energy conservation work can be carried out. For More Details Click Here
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4 Title : How to apply knowledge management techniques for application of engineering knowledge?
Problem : knowledge management is considered as a potential tool to deliver solutions. Here in more fundamental thoughts are required on how knowledge management can be used with engineering knowledge. Which are the modeling tools or technologies of knowledge management and how are they applied. For More Details Click Here...
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5 Title : Saving in total energy cost (fuel consumption cost for spray dryer as well as electricity cost by cogeneration through Gas Turbine.
Problem : In ceramic Industry, raw material is mixed with water in a ball mill and then dried in a spray dryer. Electrical operating load in a typical tiles manufacturing unit is about 1000 KW. Grid Electricity tariff is about Rs. 3.85 /KWh. Plant operates 24 hours and 300 working days. Lignite is used as a fuel to generate producer gas which is fired in the spray dryer. Initial moisture content of input material to spray dryer is about 35 % and the output moisture content of product from spray dryer is about 5 %. Production from spray dryer is 10 T/hr. Lignite consumption is about 570 Kg/hr. Most of the ceramic industries are located at Morbi in Gujarat where natural gas is available. Price of natural gas is about Rs.16/m3 and GCV is 8800 Kcl/m3. Here in such application it is possible to install a Gas Turbine for power generation (1000 KW) and use exhaust of Gas Turbine (400 to 550 deg C) in spray dryer which completely eliminates use of producer gas (lignite) in the spray dryer. Here for co-generation, heat & power ratio can be taken as 20% power and 80% heat. Price of Lignite is 5000 Rs. per MT with GCV of 3500 per Kg. For More Details Click Here...
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6 Title : Use of Linux based Network and Open Office
Problem : Window-based OS is expensive and all office software’s are also expensive. In many cases it is crossing cost of PC. Further these are highly susceptible to virus, which increases expenses for antivirus software also. Therefore when one wants to scale up (i.e. to install many PCs) it becomes non affordable. For More Details Click Here...
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7 Title : Finding out methodology or evolving a new methodology for Estimating or Measuring Three Phase Squirrel Gauge Induction Motor Efficiency at site condition without decoupling the load
Problem : Three phase squirrel gauge induction motor efficiency varies with load. It is also affected adversely by repeated rewinding. There are methods to evaluate motor efficiency by varying the load in laboratory; however it is practically not possible in field conditions to de-couple the motor for efficiency measurement methods. For More Details Click Here...
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8 Title : Development of online power measurement instrument
Problem : In order to understand energy consumption, optimize demand and improve equipment performance measurement of electrical parameters at Feeder and Distribution Board level is very important (i.e. Voltage, Current, Power Factor, KW, KWh). Here normal CTs can not be used as cable can not be disconnected. Therefore, Clamp ON CTs or split CTs are to be used. Here consideration for large bus bars, large diameter cables and multiple cables is also required. For More Details Click Here..
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9 Title : Comparison between the compressed air and hydraulic forging machines in terms of Capacity that both can handle, Operating and maintenance cost of both techniques and Specific Energy Consumption.
Problem : To find out a substitute for the existing high energy consuming pneumatic forging hammers systems; hydraulic systems are less energy consuming as compared to compressed air based forging hammers. However suitability/limitations of hydraulic systems need to be ascertained for forging applications.For More Details Click Here...
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10 Title : Saving in Electrical Power consumption for Air Conditioning by reducing heat load in a setup involving many computers.
Problem : In a hall containing a large number of computers (PC), the hot air from the exhaust fan of computer put an additional load on air conditioning (AC) system. Suggest innovative measures to minimize this additional load on AC to save extra power consumption by AC. This can be carried out by designing a duct collecting hot air exhaust from each of the PCs and throwing exhaust out. You can also think any innovative approach for minimizing this load. For More Details Click Here...
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