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The revival and sustainability of traditional culture is one of the primary goals of the Honey Bee Network. The knowledge imparted by our ancestors is invaluable. There are few people who live as long as hundred years .Having seen a lot of changes in climate, socio-economic conditions biodiversity, markets, style of governance, and cultural norms of society, there is a lot that we can learn from them. The Honey Bee documents the lives of such people for the following purpose:

  • To discover their sustainable lifestyle
  • To know their family background
  • To become aware about their family practices
  • To know the climatic and cultural changes over decades
  • To cherish their memories
  • To make them feel included in the society
  • Share their achievements and hardships
  • To know their opinion about the contemporary world
  • To know their aspirations

Devliba Rathwa: A century of struggle
Gangaben Ramjeebhai Makwana: Voice of a century gone by
Companions forAlmost a Century! : Jiviben and Harkhabhai Makwana
Hibiscus Under Neem: Tale of Kankuben's Struggles
Conserving heritage by being there: Kesarba
Grit, grain and granny-Meyben
A Century of Wisdom: Puriben
Epitome of longevity and liveliness: Samuben
A time without shoes and tea: Ditiben
A union for a century: Khapriben
Champabahen Nandlaal Soni
Jodtibahen Bhaktibhai Patel
Chanchalbahen Ganpatiram Rawal