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Dharamveer Kamboj
Yamuna Nagar

Volume -
Dharamveer Kamboj was born on May 15, 1963 at village Damla to Shri Ramswaroop Kamboj and Smt Savitri Devi. As an inquisitive child, Dharamveer would often accompany his mother for collecting kesu (Butea monosperma) flowers, watching devotedly how those flowers were taken care of, made into colours for Holi. Unfortunately he lost his mother in childhood, but inherited from her, a curiosity for nature and its herbal wealth. At school, he participated in a science exhibition with his instrument viz., 'emergency light'. read more...

Ravjibhai Savaliya

Volume -
In 1958, in a small village Babapur in district Amreli, all the efforts of engineers to start a new water pumping machine had failed. On the insistence of a villager, a 12-year old boy from amongst the curious villagers, was allowed to tinker with the machine and to everyone's surprise, he made it work! This boy, Ravjibhai Savaliya grew up to be known as a 'maverick innovator' in Gujarat. read more...

Chintakindi Mallesham
Volume -
Mrs Laxmi Mallesham is perhaps the happiest mother in the small village of handloom weavers,Sharjipet. She has got freedom from the hours of physical pain and stress. Now she has all the time for herself and her family, thanks to her 36 years old son, Chintakindi Mallesham. read more...

S. Shanmugam

Volume -
Shanmugam (28 yrs) hails from a weaver’s family in Chinnappampatty village of Salem district, Tamil Nadu. Around two hundred families in this village earn their living by weaving and agriculture, growing cotton, sorghum and millets. He has an elder sister who is married and a younger brother, now a Diploma in Textile Engineering, working in the field of Textile Marketing. Since childhood he had an active interest in reading books rather than playing games and spent most of his free time in the village library. read more...

Bachubhai Savajibhai Thesia

Volume -
Why would somebody design a tractor that is driven like a bullock? Instead of using reins, there are two joysticks to turn, accelerate or stop left and right wheels independently. The very idea of doing away with the steering wheel would not even occur to most automobile designers. But, Bachubhai Savajibhai Thesia is no ordinary designer. He is 10th pass,self-taught inventor and innovator, and engaged in designing different devices. He lives in village Kalavad, 30 km, away from Jamnagar having several provision stores and also blacksmith workshops. read more...